Buffalo State U. Student Govt BECLOWNED After Failed Press Censorship Gambit

April 5, 2015

By Eric Owens at The Daily Caller

The petty tyrants who run the student government at the State University of New York College at Buffalo tried to freeze the student newspaper’s budget over a satirical April Fool’s Day edition.

This censorship effort failed quickly, utterly and hilariously.

The action began on Wednesday — April Fool’s Day — when student government officeholders at taxpayer-funded SUNY Buffalo State whimsically froze the budget of The Buffalo State Record, the campus newspaper.

In the classic, almost trite, tradition at American college campuses, the newspaper had published an April 1 edition. It was called “The Wreckard.”

The Buffalo State student council attempted to freeze the campus rag’s budget because the April Fool’s Day newspaper contents were “offensive” to some people.

“It has come to our attention from many students and faculty members that some of the topics discussed in the ‘Wreckard’ satire edition were offensive to members of Buffalo State and the surrounding community,” Buffalo State student council member Emily Leminger informed The Record’s editors, according to an article in the student paper...

Schools: State University Of New York – University at Buffalo