College Makes Students Agree Saying ‘I’d Hit That’ Is Wrong To Register

November 20, 2014

By Emily Arata at Elite Daily

Bet you never thought you’d see the phrase, “I’d hit that,” on an official university document.

The University of California, Davis, is under fire for a mandatory Violence Intervention & Prevention program that all students must take before registering for classes.

A section of the online quiz titled Harmful Language, for example, asks students to match common slang phrases and words with their problematic meanings. Students match “I’d hit that,” “Slut,” “I raped that exam!” and more to the provided definitions.

The problem, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), is that UC Davis isn’t giving students a chance to disagree and thereby forcing them to adopt certain university-sponsored viewpoints.

FIRE’s been vocally protesting the course as a violation of First Amendment rights.

In a letter to the university, FIRE wrote,

By dictating to students the specific ideological, political, and moral assumptions they must make in order to attend the university, this program impermissibly crosses the boundary from education into thought reform.

A representative for UC Davis, Michael Sweeney, responded, saying,

The activity simply asks that students match up words/phrases with reasons for why the language is problematic, not that the student must agree that the language may be problematic… Students are merely urged to consider the broader social implications of their speech.

We will continue to review the VIP program to determine the overall effectiveness of the program.

For its part, UC Davis’ administration seems more concerned with ending sexual violence than “A Clockwork Orange”-esque thought reform. It’s also a little busy at the moment, experiencing tuition hike protests from hundreds of students.

And debate aside, few things are funnier than the thought of an elderly administrator typing out those racy phrases.

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