Column: So UMW President’s Defense Against Federal Complaint Amounts to Retaliation?

November 10, 2015

By Samantha Harris at

Imagine that someone publicly made damaging allegations against you that you believed to be false. Now imagine that when you tried to publicly defend yourself against those allegations, you found yourself accused of unlawful retaliation.

Sound unfair?

It certainly does, but that is exactly what is happening around the country in the name of preventing sex discrimination on campus.

Last fall, a controversy arose at the University of Mary Washington after several members of the UMW men’s rugby club were recorded singing a bawdy song at an off-campus party.

After members of the UMW student group Feminists United on Campus complained about the recording, UMW dissolved the rugby club in March 2015 and ordered its members to undergo sensitivity training. Following the incident and the rugby club’s punishment, Feminists United members found themselves the targets of online hostility, particularly on the anonymous messaging app Yik Yak...

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