Conservative Students Use Social Media as Shelter from Liberal Campuses

June 15, 2014

By Kim Kozlowski at The Detroit News

Jordan Zammit was in a political science class at Central Michigan University when the professor said something about the military that really offended him.

But instead of keeping quiet, the student — who has family members in the Army and Marines — pulled up his Twitter account and fired back.

“A professor at #MyLiberalCampus told me only people too poor and dumb for college join the military,” he tweeted to hundreds of his followers.

In that moment, Zammit joined students nationwide who are trying to bring awareness of what it’s like to hold conservative values on college campuses, long considered left-leaning bastions.

Taking a cue from other social media campaigns, college Republicans have turned to Twitter to talk about their experiences, using the #MyLiberalCampus hashtag. The campaign comes as hashtag activism is growing worldwide, protests of political speakers on campuses are spreading and diversity is being increasingly debated within academia...

Schools: Central Michigan University