Country Star Blasts Vanderbilt For Stifling Faith

By August 22, 2012

Country music star Larry Gatlin, who lives across the street from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, charges the school has chosen the wrong path in its effort to control the membership and leadership of student organizations.

"People in power over there are really trying to impose their religion, their worldview," he said in a new documentary about the dispute by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, or FIRE.

FIRE, which has battled with Vanderbilt over the issue, created the video to warn that other universities likely will follow the Nashville school's lead.University officials have adopted an "all-comers" policy for their campus, meaning student groups are required to allow anyone to participate in any group at any level. So a Republican student can join, even lead, a Democrat student group. A student organization for Jews would be required to allow a Muslim to join and even lead. And Christian student organizations are not allowed to require that a member or even a leader be a Christian...

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