Curing Social Media of Its Outrage Addiction May Start on Campus

By April 8, 2015

By Greg Lukianoff at The Huffington Post

The problem with books that diagnose great societal failures--from the housing bubble to civil liberties violations in the "war on terror," and everything in between--is that they tend to come out after the moral panic or shameful event has largely, if not entirely, passed. Thus, they allow us to look back at the people we were a few years before and say "tut-tut, weren't they foolish." That's what makes Jon Ronson's new book, So You've Been Publicly Shamed, so terrific: it was released at precisely the time it is needed most. It makes no bones about the fact that we are part of the problem of an always-connected society of social media users that is increasingly creating "a war on other people's flaws...