Demonstration Cut Short by Administrator

November 20, 2002

Two pro-life activists were arrested Nov. 13 after refusing to leave the Citrus College campus.

Harry Rader and Dan McCullough, members of the pro-life group, Survivors, were arrested just before 1 p.m.

Lt. Tim Dech, watch commander at Glendora Police Department, said that the men were cited for violating §626.4 of the California Penal Code, which gives designated community college officials the authority to remove a person or persons from a campus if “there is reasonable cause to believe that such a person has willfully disrupted the orderly operation of such campus…”

Six members of the pro-life group started a peaceful demonstration at approximately 10:30 a.m. in the Free Speech Area by the fountain in the quad. Problems arose an hour later when they stepped outside the predetermined limits of the designated area, thus violating Citrus Community College District Regulation R-5138.

Officer J.E. Campbell of the Glendora P.D. told Survivors co-founder McCullough that, according to school administrators, the group was in violation of a school policy.

McCullough said that he had reviewed the regulation in question with his attorney prior to the demonstration and did not believe that holding signs anywhere outside the Free Speech Areas was discussed in the college regulation.

“That was, as I understood it, the policy for passing out literature, which we have stopped doing,” McCullough said.

The group displayed graphic photographs of aborted fetuses, and statistics comparing abortion to Hitler’s Holocaust.

At the prompting of police, Dr. Arnold Rollin, associate dean of students, told each group member who was holding a sign outside the Area that she or he was in violation of school policy and must leave campus immediately or be removed.

When group members asked police and school administrators what specific policy they were violating, Rollin replied, “school policy.”

Four of the six Survivors activists then moved to the west side of campus by the marquee on Citrus and Foothill Boulevards and set up their signs on a sidewalk, officially off school property.

McCullough stayed in the quad with fellow activist Rader. After several attempts by police to get them to leave, they were arrested and removed from campus.

School officials said that the group was asked to leave because they did not completely follow the guidelines regarding the Areas.

Adrienne Thompson, student activities supervisor, said that if persons wishing to utilize the Free Speech Areas are in compliance with all policies and regulations set forth by Citrus College, they will not be met with opposition.

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