DePaul Dispute Has Blogs Buzzing

May 14, 2005

CHICAGO - A longtime DePaul University instructor who argued with pro-Palestinian students at a campus activities fair last fall no longer works for the school. That much is not in dispute.

But why Thomas Klocek lost his job while other professors under fire for their statements kept theirs has created a buzz among conservative-leaning Internet blogs about free speech rights at campuses across the country.

John Ruberry, who writes the Marathon Pundit blog, started following the case after Klocek staged a news conference and appeared with his mouth taped shut.

"There seems to be kind of a double standard as far as free speech," Ruberry said, noting the case of University of Colorado's Ward Churchill, who came under fire for comparing some Sept. 11 victims to Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi architect of the Holocaust...

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