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Dorm poster gets student kicked out

October 29, 2004

DURHAM - A University of New Hampshire sophomore was expelled from his dormitory last week for hanging a poster implying that freshman girls could avoid gaining the "freshman 15" by using the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Timothy Garneau, 20, of Berlin, said the poster was meant as a joke.

The university judicial system found that the computer-generated woman in the leotard and sweatband on Garneau's poster was among the few smiling.

Garneau was found "responsible" for harassment, disorderly and lewd conduct, affirmative-action violations and lying to university officials about making the poster. He moved out of his double room on Sunday and is now living out of his Ford Contour in one of the university's student parking lots. Garneau, a criminal justice and pre-law major, said he sleeps in a sleeping bag and takes the campus shuttle to class every day. His parents can't afford to rent him an off-campus apartment, he said... Download file "Dorm poster gets student kicked out"

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