EDITORIAL: Speech Overreach

September 3, 2014

At Las Vegas Review Journal

The calendar has turned to September, so college students across the country are heading back to their campuses, which are supposed to serve as bastions of free speech and thought.

Which is to say they don’t. At schools big and small, far and wide, all around the nation and right here in Nevada, the purveyors of tolerance are remarkably intolerant of anything they disagree with or disapprove of.

The University of Oregon provided the latest example of hostility to the First Amendment, though the Ducks are far from alone in this quackery. As the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education reported Aug. 26, a female student’s four-word joke resulted in five conduct charges levied against her by the school. The charges stemmed from a June 9 incident in which the student was visiting friends at a dormitory. According to the student, while looking out a dorm window, she saw a male and female student walking together and shouted “I hit it first,” completely in jest. She didn’t know either student...

Schools: University of Oregon Cases: University of Oregon: Student’s Four-Word Joke Results in Five Unconstitutional Disciplinary Charges