Elite Schools from Harvard to Amherst are Struggling to Address ‘Locker Room Talk’

December 22, 2016

By Max Kutner at Newsweek

At Amherst College, a member of the men’s cross country team referred to a woman online as “a walking STD.” At Columbia, after the university canceled an annual event because of concerns about sexual misconduct, a student on the men’s wrestling team wrote to his teammates, “I hope someone actually gets sexually assaulted.” And at Harvard, men’s soccer players circulated a “scouting report,” assigning women’s soccer recruits number rankings based on their appearances and guessing their preferred sexual positions. In the past two months, players on those and other teams have faced athletic suspensions because of comments they wrote, which opponents say reveal the culture of misogyny in college sports. Free-speech advocates, meanwhile, say the schools could be going too far…

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