FGCU makes code of conduct changes to protect free speech

By July 13, 2008

Burning questions as to what constitutes free speech on campus sparked a recent change to Florida Gulf Coast University's student code of conduct.

It's not because the institution was feeling the heat from a First Amendment protection group, though, a university official said, but out of a need to update its policies to keep with the times.

In April 2007, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, or FIRE, published a report on its Web site, www.thefire.org, deeming the university's personal abuse policy unconstitutional and demanding changes to it.

Now, one year later, FGCU has redefined that policy, but other similarly worded policies remain, keeping the university under FIRE's, well, fire. The biggest problem with FGCU's policies, according to the organization, is its use of unclear and overly broad terms, which leave room for a wide interpretation and, consequentially, confusion among students...

Schools: Florida Gulf Coast University