FIRE criticizes honor society

December 1, 2005

By Benjamin Jones at The Badger Herald

The Philadelphia-based Foundation for Individual Rights in Education criticized the honor society Phi Beta Kappa Tuesday, citing the society’s inconsistent policies regarding freedom of expression.

In a nine-page letter, FIRE program director Samantha Harris referenced several possible constitutional free-speech violations by seven universities in which Phi Beta Kappa chapters are present.

“Nearly all of Phi Beta Kappa’s member institutions maintain speech codes of some kind, many of them unconstitutional or an unlawful violation of contractual promises made to students and faculty,” Harris said in the letter. “Policies such as [these] pose a real and imminent threat to academic freedom at these and other Phi Beta Kappa member institutions...

Schools: University of Wisconsin – Madison Cases: Phi Beta Kappa: Member Institutions’ Speech Codes