“FIRE Pay for Play” Debate: Entertaining, Informative and Balanced

October 23, 2015

By B. David Ridpath at Forbes

A couple of nights ago two prominent and influential voices in intercollegiate athletics faced off in an informative debate to discuss the long running and oft debated question: Should College Athletes be Paid? Newly hired Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for the NCAA, Oliver Luck squared off against former NCAA basketball star and ESPN analyst Jay Bilas in a spirited exchange between two very knowledgeable and passionate people on the subject. I can think of no two better and more qualified people to discuss what is a very controversial topic. It is also a topic that will continue to be addressed as the courts, government and athletes rights movements continue to pressure the system to change. Predictably Luck took the stance that college athletes should not be paid while Bilas was pro-pay and has consistently been public about his desire to allow college athletes to compete for salaries and benefits on the open market...

Schools: Texas A&M University – College Station