FIRE Releases Updated Student Guide on ‘Campus Justice’

April 9, 2015

By Bob Kellogg at OneNewsNow

After more than a decade, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has released an updated edition of its Guide to Due Process and Campus Justice.

The original guide was released in 2003.

This revised version is much larger and was edited by Will Creeley, FIRE’s vice president of legal and public advocacy.

Creeley says it was time for FIRE to help a new generation of students “navigate” colleges’ discipline proceedings.  The purpose of the guide, he says, is to “ensure fundamentally fair practice.”

He says there’s also a need for guidance concerning the increase in sexual misconduct and abuse charges being brought up on campuses across the nation. Both the “accused and the accuser” are often failed by the current system.

“It’s a broken system but we want to make sure that everybody has as much right to a fair hearing as possible,” Creeley tells OneNewsNow.

FIRE has made the guide available as a free download on their website. Educators, students and student groups may request copies in bulk by contacting FIRE.