Freedom of speech for Condoleezza Rice!

March 20, 2014

by Dick Polman at NewsWorks

Ah yes, the traditions of early spring: budding trees, budding ballplayers, and budding campus brouhahas. Especially the latter. Just check out the current flap at Rutgers University, where some liberal litmus-test professors are demanding that the school cancel its commencement invitation to Condoleeza Rice.Welcome to "disinvitation season," the time of year when colleges and universities - alleged bastions of open-ended intellectual inquiry - all too often flirt with censorship. The Rice story is just the latest example of this sorry phenomenon.Her critics on the Rutgers-Newark campus deem her unsuitable to deliver the commencement address because she helped sell the Iraq war while serving as George W. Bush's national security adviser. Heaven forbid that the graduating students and their families might hear something disagreeable (assuming that Rice even references Iraq or Bush). Heaven forbid that they might be exposed to an opposing view, something that challenges them to think anew...

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