Group targets student funding policy

May 3, 2005

In a controversial move, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Student Senate members passed legislation concerning student-funded activities that have come under fire from the Philadelphia-based Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

The legislation was a March 7 amendment to UWEC’s Organized Activity Funding Policy, which clarifies funding activities for the Student Senate.

According to the new amendment, which was posted on FIRE’s website, “[Student activities] shall not endorse a particular ideological, religious or partisan viewpoint.”

However, FIRE argues the policy is a breach of the Southworth v. Board of Regents Supreme Court case, which argues all funds distributed by student governing bodies like the Student Senate, must be distributed on a viewpoint-neutral basis. The Southworth case was settled in March 2000 after the UW System came under fire for distributing funds to registered student organizations certain students may not necessarily align themselves with...

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