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Harvard Students Protest Crimson Article

March 20, 2001

By Brian MacQuarrie at The Boston Globe

CAMBRIDGE — In a clash pitting racial sensitivities against free speech, 100 protesters marched to the Harvard Crimson yesterday and denounced the campus newspaper for publishing an opinion piece that criticized the university’s Asian-American students.

”It’s like Ku Klux Klan propaganda; newspapers wouldn’t print that,” said Alice Wong, 19, a Harvard freshman.

In a weekend magazine piece titled ”The Invasian,” Harvard sophomore Justin Fong assailed Asian-American students for what he called a culture of ”self-segregation” at Harvard.

Yesterday, after protesters accused him of using hurtful language and perpetuating racist attitudes, Fong, a sixth-generation Asian-American, said the article in Fifteen Minutes magazine was partly intended to be a parody of Asian stereotypes.

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