If You Work For Harvard, It’s Possible You’re Being Watched By Harvard

By March 12, 2013

by Robert Shibley



Did you ever get that sneaking suspicion that someone’s watching you? As it turns out, if you work for Harvard University, you might have good reason for it.

The fallout from Harvard’s 2012cheating scandal, in which dozens of students werereportedly  forced to withdraw from school for cheating on a take-home exam, continued this weekend with the revelation inThe Boston Globe that Harvard administrators scanned the email of 16 “resident deans” to see who might have leaked to the press an internal email about the situation. (Resident deans live in Harvard dorms, teach classes, and sit on the campus court that hears cheating cases.) One was told of the scanning last fall when it happened; the rest were only informed on Sunday after the Globe started asking questions about what happened...

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