It’s raining spam at Michigan State U

December 8, 2008

by Greg Lukianoff

The Huffington Post


Imagine you're an energetic leader of student government at a major state school. You've been in extensive discussion with students and professors about the administration's decision to cut short the semester. Students feel ripped off and professors feel that two fewer days of instruction would seriously impinge on their academic goals. Working in collaboration with a group of professors and students, you put together a thoughtful memo opposing the university's decision and e-mail it to all the professors you think might be most helpful in getting the decision reversed. Next thing you know, however, you've been charged with "spamming" and you're facing a possible suspension -- all for the e-mail equivalent of a responsible letter-writing campaign...

Schools: Michigan State University Cases: Michigan State University: Student Government Official Threatened with Suspension for E-mailing Faculty about University Scheduling Concerns