Letter: Universities Must Abandon Political Correctness and Illiberal Policies

January 3, 2016

By Tom Patten to Tri-City Herald

I have donated numerous times over the years to the University of Washington. I am grateful for the excellent educational experience that I enjoyed at the university. In the tradition of scientific inquiry, I was exposed to many different ideas and taught to always question the basis of my beliefs and knowledge.

Unfortunately today, higher education is in crisis. Many colleges and universities seek to stifle liberal thought and free speech in a misguided attempt to avoid confrontation and to protect the feelings of illiberal students. I am distressed to see that the UW is not innocent of such transgressions, according to the research of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). I cannot bring myself to support a university that does not teach its students how to think for themselves and thereby prepare them for the real world outside of the college campus.

I have decided therefore to give my usual UW donation to FIRE so that they can continue their efforts to rescue our colleges and universities from political correctness and illiberal policies. When I see that the UW has corrected its deficiencies and provides a place of open thought and free speech, I will resume my donations.


Schools: University of Washington