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Media Cover E-mail Issue

September 14, 2005

When William Paterson University employee Jihad Daniel, 63, checked his student e-mail on March 8, he did not know his name would appear in newspapers across the country.

“I thought I was expressing my opinion and that’s about it—two or three little lines,” said Daniel, who works in Information Systems and is a Communications Media graduate student.

Dr. Arlene Holpp Scala, Chair of WPU’s Department of Women’s Studies, had sent out an e-mail announcement about an upcoming film at WPU titled, “Ruth and Connie: Every Room in the House.” According to the e-mail, the lesbian relationship movie was being shown in the library and was sponsored by the Women’s Studies Department during Women’s History Month. Scala gave her contact information at the bottom of the e-mail because she was the contact person for the film event... Download file "Media Cover E-mail Issue"

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