Modesto Junior College Obligingly Beclowns Itself To Make A Point About Censorship

September 19, 2013

by Ken White on Popehat

Free speech on American college campuses is not just threatened by speech codes. It's also threatened by colleges that put bureaucratic barriers in front of speech and attempt to restrict it to tiny "free speech zones."

The FIRE has today's example. Modesto Junior College restricts free speech. Student Robert Van Tuinen decided to make a point about it. He wanted to pass out copies of the United States Constitution in a non-violent and non-disruptive way, and he wanted to do it without applying for a permit first and "registering" what he wanted to hand out and waiting in line behind a narrowly restricted group of permitted speakers, and he wanted to do it outside of the student center, not at the school's pathetic "free speech zone...

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