Neil Gaiman talks ‘Firefly,’ free speech on campus, and one of the craziest cases of the year

By December 29, 2011

by Greg Lukianoff

The Huffington Post


As I reported back in September, a drama professor at a campus in the University of Wisconsin System appeared to be in danger of losing his job for two posters he had placed outside his door. The first poster included a quote from the beloved yet short-lived science-fiction classic Firefly. The second warned the university against acting like a bunch of fascists for tearing down the first poster and threatening the professor with potential criminal charges. The university reacted to the posters by stating that the professor was a threat to the school, reporting him to the "threat assessment team," and instructing him to meet with the dean. What should have been a non-incident was spiraling out of control, and the professor, James Miller, feared for his job...

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