New controversy about UC Berkeley and Ben Shapiro

July 20, 2017

By Eugene Volohk at The Washington Post

Berkeley has decided to assume responsibility for the usual rental fees for one of its large spaces, so that Shapiro can indeed speak on September 14 at 7 pm. As the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education reports, Dan Mogulof, Berkeley’s assistant vice chancellor for public affairs, said, “This event is going to happen. We just need to sit down with the College Republicans to talk through the details [to have successful event planning]. We didn’t have any options in terms of the spaces available free of charge, but because of the extent of our commitment to free speech, the campus will help fund any fees associated with hosting this event if need be.” (Mogulof confirmed this to me as well, and confirmed that “help fund any fees” means that the campus will assume responsibility for paying for the venue, if need be, though there might be some security fees…

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Schools: University of California, Berkeley