New Kirsten Powers Book Features Ricochet’s Greg Lukianoff and FIRE

May 11, 2015

By Ricochet Editor’s Desk at Ricochet

Today, Regnery Publishing is releasing The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech, the new book by Fox News contributor, USA Todaycolumnist and, yes, lifelong liberal Kirsten Powers. In it, she takes the hard Left to task for its efforts to stifle dissenting views, delegitimize those who disagree with them, and impose ideological conformity on the nation. She devotes special attention to the crusade to silence alternate viewpoints on college campuses, a section of the book that focuses heavily on Ricochet’s own Greg Lukianoff and the work of his organization, FIRE(the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education). From the Washington Times:

“It’s easier for the illiberal left to demonize their opponents and sanctify themselves as higher moral beings that treat differences of opinions respectfully,” Ms. Powers says, noting that the left reserves a “special strain of strident wrath” for Christians.

“Illiberal feminists can’t seem to fathom that some people actually believe an unborn human matters or that abortion is harmful to women. Sometimes the mask comes off and what we see is that illiberal feminism is often driven by a base hatred of Christianity,” the author explains.

She also says the left has become Orwellian indeed, policing the speech and opinions of public officials, conservatives and everyday folk in an effort to delegitimize their views. And they are very specific with their maneuvers.

“Non-white conservatives are called sellouts and race traitors. Conservative women are treated like dim-witted, self-loathing puppets of the patriarchy, or nefarious gender traitors. Men who express the wrong political or ideological view are demonized as hostile interlopers into the public debate,” Ms. Powers says. “The illiberal left sees the bullying and squelching of free speech as a righteous act.”

Pick up a copy of the book today to show your appreciation for Kirsten’s brave stand against the illiberal left and your support for Greg and FIRE’s valiant efforts to ensure that college campuses don’t suppress the free exchange of ideas.