No, Northern Illinois University, Your Web Policy Really Isn’t OK

By August 25, 2014

By Susan Kruth at The Huffington Post

Last week, the Internet got wind of Northern Illinois University's (NIU's) Acceptable Use Policy for "information technology resources," which lists prohibited uses of NIU's network and hardware. As I explained the other night on The Torch (the blog of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, or FIRE, where I work), the policy became news after a NIU student posted a bizarre warning notice he reportedly received while trying to use NIU's network to access the Wikipedia page for the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC). The warning tagged the page as "Illegal or Unethical" and informed the student that the page had been "recorded for review." Most chillingly, the notice stated that unless the student was attempting to visit the page for "legitimate business purposes," it was "highly probable that the access would violate the Northern Illinois Acceptable Use Policy...

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