Northwestern Professor Fights for the Right to Free Speech and Fellatio

June 19, 2015

By Meghan Keenan at Red Alert Politics

For the second time in recent months, Northwestern University is under fire for censoring faculty.

Digital issues of a magazine published annually by one of Northwestern’s medical school programs were taken down after running an an essay called “Head Nurses,” that described a nurse performing oral sex on a patient in 1978.

Atrium is a publication of the Feinberg School of Medicine’s (FSM’s) Medical Humanities and Bioethics Program (MHB), and features content from authors at institutions around the country. The theme of the Winter 2014 issue was “Bad Girls,” and included an essay by Syracuse University professor William Peace about his rehabilitation experience after being paralyzed at age 18, and his fear that he would be unable to have sex ever again...

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