Political Correctness Deep in the Heart of Texas

November 23, 2016

By Mark Pulliam at The American Spectator

For all I know, the political climate at the University of Texas at Austin is no better or no worse than at any other major university, but since I am a UT alumnus and live in Austin, I pay closer attention to UT. Many readers would assume that Texas, being a conservative state, would be immune to leftist posturing at its flagship state university, but sadly, UT’s administrators and faculty seem to be striving for Ivy League status as a caricature of political correctness run amok. I have previously reported (e.g., here and here) on UT’s unfortunate tendency to mimic the worst trends in higher education: administrative bloat, slavish devotion to “diversity,” race-conscious affirmative action, and one-sided regulation of campus speech to suppress disfavored opinions…

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