OU student, 56, needs a lesson

By February 16, 2012

'D r. S. has dark hair and eyes and occasionally rests her hand across her pregnant belly. Wiping the sweat from her brow, Dr. S. would teach until she dropped were it not for the requisite breaks. ..."

These are the dangerous musings of Joseph Corlett, an undergraduate student at Oakland University appealing his suspension and official "persona non grata" status from the university.

Corlett is 56, not 20. You would think he'd know better than to comment on one professor's pregnancy and dark eyes or on his writing teacher's breasts in his writing journal.

Surprise, Mr. Corlett: Using "Hot for Teacher" as a title isn't endearing to your teacher; it's infuriating.

That teacher had urged her students to be creative. She emphasized the point with exclamation points. ("Be the creator; not the critic!") She promised to review the journal three times but, he says, she reviewed it only once.

On Nov. 29, she wrote to administrators describing his support of concealed weapons, saying, "Either Mr. Corlett leaves campus or I do." The administration got involved, letters were exchanged, and, eventually, the university threw Corlett's bookbag at him: three semesters of suspension, enforced sensitivity training and campus banishment in the meantime...

Schools: Oakland University