Political Correctness at Princeton: When it Comes to Free Speech, They’re No Tigers

April 14, 2015

By Paul Mulshine at NJ.com

I guess getting bored to tears beats getting tear-gassed. But the way in which Princeton University handles student protests still leaves a lot to be desired.

That would be an intelligent discussion of the issue at hand with both sides making their best cases for their propositions.

That's what I hoped to see when I visited the Princeton campus Sunday afternoon for an event called by University President Christopher Eisgruber to discuss a couple of campus controversies.

One of the controversies involved a perceived offense to black people and the other involved a perceived offense by a black person.

Controversy A began when a group of students on the swimming and diving teams calling themselves "Urban Congo" did a dance performance during which they dressed up in loincloths and banged on garbage cans and bottles.

When I watched it on YouTube, I couldn't make any sense of it whatsoever. College kids have a long tradition of making fools of themselves. This looked to me like a successor to the streaking fad that once gripped the campus.

But some minority students took great offense at a perceived insult. That led the leader of the Urban Congo (read a peroration on the group's sins here.) to announce it had been disbanded - though to my eyes it didn't look like it was banded very tightly in the first place...

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