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Political project restrictions denied

April 28, 2005

The University Senate narrowly voted to amend guidelines proposed by the Service-Learning Ad-Hoc Committee Tuesday, rejecting limitations on political activities that would ban projects partisan in nature.

That decision was accompanied by a vote to preserve the restrictions on religious activity.

The Senate voted 20-18 to remove the political restrictions, while the amendment removing religious restrictions failed 10-27. University Senate still must vote on whether to approve the amended guidelines at its May 10 meeting.

The pair of decisions shattered the parallel the ad-hoc committee had drawn between religious and political activity, a move senators who served on the committee opposed.

"Partisan activity, whether religious or political, doesn't have any place in this whole Service-Learning scheme of things," Senator and ad-hoc committee member Mitch Freymiller said.

But the decisions also forged a new parallel - one between the proposed guidelines before University Senate and a resolution Student Senate passed on the issue the night before.

Senator Bobby Pitts said limiting certain types of political activity, regardless of the agendas involved, was too restrictive.

"I wondered 'what is left?' " he said.

Later, during the debate over religious proselytization, Pitts suggested removing restrictions on religious activity as well.

Senator Steven Majstorovic referred to the U.S. Constitution as the main justification for breaking the parallel drawn between partisan political and religious activities, saying America's founding fathers viewed political and religious expression as very different... Download file "Political project restrictions denied"

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