Poster gets student kicked out of dorm

By October 31, 2004

DURHAM, NH, Oct. 29 (UPI) — A University of New Hampshire student was kicked out of his dorm for putting up a poster urging coeds to keep weight off by using the stairs.

Timothy Garneau told the Durham Monitor that he is sleeping in his car because his parents can’t afford to rent an apartment for him.

The university judicial system found that Garneau committed harassment, disorderly conduct and affirmative action violations, along with lying to officials about his posters.

Garneau says that his posters were intended as a light-hearted effort to ease the traffic jam in dormitory elevators from students using them to go one or two floors. The posters, which he created on his computer, showed a young woman in sweats and a headband and warned female students that the average freshman gains 10 to 15 pounds.