Professor Couple at Yale Stop Teaching After Free Speech Chill

December 8, 2015

By Ethan Wells at Herald Current

Demonstrators for anti-free speech at one of the most vaunted universities in America have asserted that a husband and wife who say that teaching is a lot of trouble in the campus climate isn’t conducive enough to warrant civil dialogue.

She said that she had a lot of regard for her students but worried that the climate at Yale presently isn’t contributory for civil dialogue and open inquest was required in order to solve their social problems.

This matter had begun back in October when a psychology professor, Erika Christakis who is also associate master at the Silliman College, one of the many residential communities, sent an email in which she defended the rights of her students to dress in culturally appropriate clothing. This spurred indignation and also caused one pupil to confront Nicholas Christakis on the campus quad and berate him in an episode that was also caught on video which went viral a little while ago...

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