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Professor Fears Retribution Over Mohammed Cartoons

March 10, 2006

A part-time professor at Century College in Minnesota is under fire from students and the school administration for posting copies of the now-infamous Mohammed cartoons on a college bulletin board.

Karen Murdock, an adjunct professor of geography, first posted the cartoons on a community board on Feb. 7, along with related newspaper articles about the controversy and blank paper for students and faculty comments.

According to Murdock, the cartoons were torn down repeatedly, and she was told by college administrators not to repost them.

In a letter to Murdock on Feb. 16, Vice President for Academic Affairs John O'Brien said the school administration played no role in removing or banning the cartoons.

"While I do not believe the approach used was effective from a pedagogical standpoint," O'Brien wrote, "I also want to be clear that Century College administration did not remove the political cartoon you posted, nor direct that it be removed or not reposted... Download file "5"

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