Progress Made With FIRE’s Litigation Project

October 19, 2015

By Bob Kellogg at

A Utah university has finally restored free speech rights to its students.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education(FIRE) filed a lawsuit on behalf of Dixie State University students who were not allowed to pass out flyers that were critical of former President George W. Bush, President Barak Obama, and even Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara.

FIRE’s Catherine Sevcenko reports that Dixie State has agreed to comply with the demands of the lawsuit.

“They have completely revamped their policies regarding free expression,” she tells OneNewsNow. “There is no more free speech zone, no more prior restraint on posting, and we are very happy with the result.”

The settlement also stipulates that the school pay $50,000 in damages and attorney fees.

“We also insist that the plaintiffs get compensation; they have been injured,” Sevcenko insists. “There were three of them, and each one was entitled to compensation, so that also adds to the total.”

The lawsuit against Dixie State was part of FIRE’s Stand Up For Speech Litigation Project, which has coordinated numerous lawsuits against public colleges and universities that have restricted student and faculty First Amendment rights.

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