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RA Bible study ban draws FIRE’s ire

November 7, 2005

It never struck senior Lance Steiger as an activity that could lead to disciplinary action; it was just something he was accustomed to doing on a regular basis.

Every Tuesday last academic year, Steiger would take a Bible down to the basement of Horan Hall with some students, and they would look at a chapter or verse from in it and try to apply it to their lives.

Then, while spending the summer back home in Cannon Falls, Minn., a letter from Deborah Newman, an associate director of housing, informed him that if he continued with these actions, he would face disciplinary action from the university.

"The letter was a surprise because there had never been any sort of talk about it before about it being illegal," Steiger said.

He sent an e-mail to Newman and, when the response remained the same, he contacted the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Now, FIRE, Steiger and university officials are debating the issue, which has gained the attention of area representatives and the national media... Download file "RA Bible study ban draws FIRE's ire"

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