SEPARATE STANDARD: UND changes stance after punishing student for crime police won’t charge

October 31, 2011

In February 2010, a disciplinary panel at UND decided that Caleb Warner had, among other things, violated criminal laws against sexual assault. He was kicked out and told that he could file an application to come back after three years.

Grand Forks Police investigated the case and, instead of charging Warner, charged his accuser Jessica Murray for false report in May 2010.

It wasn’t until October of this year that the university reversed its sanctions against Warner, and even then it only conceded that its disciplinary panel should have held another hearing to consider the testimony of a police officer.

“There was an element of the administration that took a hyper-technical view of things that it turned it into a profound injustice,” said Nathan M. Hansen, Warner’s attorney. “It took a different eye to look at it. Some more open-minded people higher up in the administration stepped up and said, ‘Let’s do what’s right here...