Sex-act pix shake Penn

By December 1, 2005

WHEN A COUPLE performed a sexual act in front of a University of Pennsylvania dorm window earlier this year, at least two cameras clicked away.

The couple's faces are not identifiable. Only a pair of buttocks, a pair of legs and a bare back can be seen from the window. The gender is unclear.

Yet the grainy photos have touched off a controversy that has roiled the Ivy League campus and once again has plunged Penn into a rip-roaring controversy over free speech and student rights.

One of the photographers, an unidentified Penn junior engineering student, is facing sexual harassment and related charges from the school.

Those involved with the student's case say the charges arose after someone complained about the photographer to the Office of Student Conduct, which handles misconduct allegations.

According to the Daily Pennsylvanian, the accused student posted some of the sex photos on his Penn Web page.

Other shots were widely circulated via e-mail on the West Philly campus, the paper said. One now appears on the popular Web site collegehumor. com.

The proposed discipline includes probation, a permanent mark on the student's college record, a letter of apology and an essay that would require reflection on the student's part of what he did wrong, said Andrew Geier, a psychology graduate student who is advising the student...

Schools: University of Pennsylvania