Shut Up, They Explained

June 1, 2014

By The New Criterion at The New Criterion

Last month, reflecting on the dismal significance of Brandeis University’s decision to rescind its invitation to have Ayaan Hirsi Ali speak at its commencement ceremony, we noted the irony that what began as the free-speech movement in Berkeley in 1964 evolved into the politically correct, conformity-for-all movement that reigns supreme on college campuses today. As we write, it is the high tide of what Greg Lukianoff, the President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), calls the “disinvitation season.” Ms. Hirsi Ali is but one of many casualties. The distinguished scholar Charles Murray found himself disinvited (“postponed” was the euphemism of choice) from Azusa Pacific University last month even as former Secretary of State Condoleezza R …