Speech Zones and Puppy Rooms Make First Amendment Lawyers Laugh and Cringe on Bill of Rights Day

December 18, 2015

By Greg Piper at The College Fix

Students learn free speech is worthless from K-12 administrators

WASHINGTON – “The academic progressives have really stepped down from free speech as a value that can never be compromised in the debate with equality.”

So said Catherine Ross, a constitutional law professor at George Washington University, at an American Bar Association panel discussion Tuesday in celebration of Bill of Rights Day.

Ross and other First Amendment practitioners said they are worried about the direction that high schools and colleges are going with regard to student speech, as well as a new Supreme Court ruling that may embolden administrators.

Hosted by the ABA Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice, the event drew laughs of disbelief from legal professionals in the audience as the speakers described free speech zones and “safe spaces” like Brown University’s much-mocked puppy room...

Schools: Brown University George Washington University