Spinning Mizzou

December 23, 2015

By CCAP at Forbes

The student protests of fall 2015 raged from coast to coast, nowhere more memorably than at the University of Missouri’s flagship campus in Columbia. There student demonstrations began in protest of the Obamacare-mandated withdrawal of university-provided health insurance for graduate student employees. From these beginnings, things escalated quickly and took on a racial cast as some African-American students complained of alleged incidents of racial animosity. As the scene grew more and more reminiscent of a Tom Wolfe novel, the world watched as the graduate student son of a millionaire railroad executive went on a hunger strike, and many members of the university’s varsity football team went on strike, supported by their head coach. Then, with a speed which surprised even those who don’t expect much in the way of courage from college administrators, the Mizzou administration folded like a cheap accordion. In a final act of surrender, the chancellor of the university (that is, of the Columbia campus) resigned and was joined by the president of the entire University of Missouri System for good measure...

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