Stossel Goes to College (airs tonight at 9pm on FBN)

September 27, 2012

This week I take my show on the road to the University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill, one of those "liberal" colleges. There the word "Freshman" is banned as sexist ("First Year", freshman are now called). It’s a violation of the school’s speech code to "explicitly or implicitly ask for sex" (So how does a student get there…).

Hadley Heath, a UNC graduate, says that debate on campus is stifled and if you’re not a liberal… better keep to yourself.

Derek Spicer thought that his school— North Carolina State University— engaged in censorship in the name of "civility." He reached out to the people at FIRE, like Robert Shibley, for help to protect the students’ First Amendment rights.

Steve Cooksey had a nutrition advice blog. The state government threatened to put him in jail for giving personal advice without a license. Paul Sherman of The Institute for Justice, challenges government’s many licensing rules.

Stuart Campbell from Equality North Carolina, and Tami Fitzgerald from North Carolina Values Coalition, debate gay marriage. I’ll bring up plural marriage.

Buck Goldstein, author of Engines of Innovations, argues that big universities miss entrepreneurial thinking.

hat do the students think about free speech, free minds, and free people? Many were wise. We’ll hear from them.

Schools: North Carolina State University – Raleigh