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The campus culture wars in two videos

By April 21, 2009

Two weeks ago, I was working as a staff member at a Buddhist retreat in New York City. On the way to lunch, I was discussing with our instructor for the weekend the passions and anger often ignited when fighting for free speech on campus. He was surprised to hear that sometimes my work is poorly received by my fellow New Yorkers. In his words, "everyone must just assume you're a white hat," meaning the good guy in a Western movie. (Not much a Western fan myself, I needed that one explained.) But I told him that was not always the case. In fighting free speech battles on campus, I have been caught up on the front lines of our country's bizarre and cantankerous culture wars. I have found that if I'm doing my job correctly, someone is always angry at me for something... Download file "The campus culture wars in two videos"

Schools: Valdosta State University University of Delaware