The Fight For Free Speech On Campus Depends On This Overlooked Group

July 16, 2015

By Greg Piper at The College Fix

We don’t have many rules at The College Fix. Rules are for liberals, because they think they can change human nature for the better with no side effects.

One of the few strictures we do observe, which I learned by accident early on, is you don’t citeThe Onion in the Twitter feed.

Our readers already think the wacky campus news we unearth is made up, Editor Jennifer Kabbany told me. Best not to put some “real” fake news in there.

Yet there may be no greater force for promoting freedom of expression on campus now thanThe Onion and its comedy peers.

Its story posted Wednesday – “Parents Dedicate New College Safe Space In Honor Of Daughter Who Felt Weird In Class Once” – sounds like something you’ll read in The Fixduring freshman orientation next month:

“When our Alexis felt weird after hearing someone discuss an idea that did not conform to her personally held beliefs, she had no place to turn,” said Arnold Stigmore, standing outside the $2 million space that reportedly features soothing music, neutral-colored walls, oversized floor cushions, fun board games, and a variety of snacks. “God forbid any of you, in your years at this institution, are ever confronted with an opinion you do not share. But if you are, you will have a refuge on this campus...