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The ‘No Viewpoint’ Viewpoint

June 6, 2005

By Greg Lukianoff at Inside Higher Ed

While I have seen abuses of the Establishment Clause almost as ridiculous as this in my career, I use the above example to illustrate the absurdity of a public college delegating students’ constitutional rights to the student government. In cases across the country, however, administrations have stood idly by while student governments pass rules and make decisions that flatly violate the Constitution. One recent case that demonstrates this phenomenon involves the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire, where the student government passed a rule in March banning groups with a “particular ideological, religious, or partisan viewpoint” from receiving student-fee funding...

Schools: University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire University of Wisconsin – Madison University of Oregon Cases: University of Oregon: Derecognition of Student Group for ‘Offensive’ Publication University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire: Unconstitutional Student Fee Funding Amendment