The PC enforcers

May 18, 2007

At Tufts University, a disciplinary board sternly rebuked a liberal student publication for printing a satire of Christian hypocrisy. The board ruled the matter a punishable case of “harassment” that created “a hostile environment” for Christian students.

Something rings false about this “news” item, doesn’t it? Actually, the board came down in full, righteous fury against a conservative publication at Tufts for a satire of Islamic hypocrisy. There. That has more of a ring of familiarity and truth to it, does it not?

It’s more in keeping with academia’s lockstep, herd-thinking, rigorously PC tendencies these days, wouldn’t you say? The satire in “The Primary Source” at Tufts took note of the harsh treatment Islamic countries tend to mete out to women and gays. The satire also pointed out a passage in the Koran urging the faithful to dismember any who balk at accepting Islam as their faith.

As the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education ( noted, to label such satirical expressions as “harassment” defies the legal definition of that term—not to mention the First Amendment.

The Tufts incident is yet one more exposure of the fraud in academia’s posturing as a bastion of open-minded inquiry and robust debate.

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