Three briefs urge Supreme Court to hear ‘Hosty v. Carter’ case

October 20, 2005

By Kim Peterson at Student Press Law Center

WASHINGTON D.C. — More than 30 groups are represented in three briefs filed this week urging the U.S. Supreme Court to hear an appeal in the Hosty v. Carter case.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education filed a brief yesterday joined by 10 other free expression advocacy groups, including several that have defended the rights of campus conservatives.

Journalism education groups and some of the nation's top journalism schools filed their own brief today.

The Student Press Law Center, joined by 14 student and professional news media organizations, filed a brief today as well.

FIRE's brief, along with the other two, argues that the Hosty v. Carter case poses a threat to student press freedom.

"The Seventh Circuit's decision in Hosty v. Carter has the potential to destroy freedom of the press on campus," said FIRE President David French in a press release. "We hope that the Supreme Court will intervene and undo this potentially disastrous opinion...

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