UND student back at school

November 3, 2011

Back in March I suggested people learn the name Caleb Warner. At the time, he was a former University of North Dakota student. He was kicked out of UND after a woman filed a rape charge against him.

Robert Boyd, UND’s vice president of student outreach at the time, made the ruling in February 2010 based on the police report. Boyd, didn’t wait to see if the police actually sought criminal charges against Warner.

They never did. Instead the police charged his accuser of making a false report to police.

Warner requested a rehearing in July 2010 after the police had cleared him and charged his accuser in May of that year. UND refused to have another hearing.

According to its website, in spring of 2011, Warner asked for the help from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a nonprofit foundation that helps protect the civil rights and liberties of different groups. FIRE wrote to UND President Robert O. Kelley on May 11 of this year, pointing out the mistakes and injustices done. On May 20 UND responded to FIRE’s letter saying they would not have a rehearing according to a story on FIRE’s website.

According to the story on FIRE’s website, it was revealed at that time that the same evidence that was used by police to find Warner innocent, was used by UND to find him guilty.

After a national press campaign, including a column in the Wall Street Journal, UND Provost Paul A. LeBel granted Warner his appeal.

Finally, last month LeBel fixed the mass injustice UND had done by vacating the sanctions put on Warner.

According to the FIRE’s story the LeBel’s overturned the sanctions “based on the specific fact of a law enforcement office filing an affadavit of belief that the complainant had provided false information to him.”

Finally it seems someone at UND has some sense. I wrote in my March column that UND could be forced to show Warner the money. I criticized Boyd for making a quick decision based on evidence that was not proven.

After almost two years UND finally showed some intelligence. Funny that a place for learning lacked common sense.

Unfortunately many schools are run by people who have the sense of politicians and often act like them. But that is a topic for another column. For now, I am just happy Warner can move on with his life. If I were him, I would think about transferring.

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