University of Kentucky Students Get Their Choice Of Fascism On Campus

January 21, 2015

By Greg Piper at The College Fix

This reminds me of when Kang and Kodos ran against each other for president.

Campus Reform reports that the University of Kentucky student government emailed a survey to students that asked, among other things, what kind of protections for free speech they wanted on campus. Their options:

  • single designated free speech zone in a specific location on campus
  • multiple designated free speech zones in various locations across campus
  • no preference

That’s it. There’s no “write-in” box in the event you think Virginia is on to something in eliminating speech “zones” entirely. And the survey was approved by a faculty adviser.

f you complete the survey, you’ll be entered into a contest to “win lower-level basketball tickets or $250 scholarships,” Campus Reform says.

This sounds like a bribe to students to justify the school’s already repressive policy: The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education notes that UK maintains two “designated unrestricted areas” for speech.

The message this sends is that UK students are expected not only to tolerate restrictions on speech but to prefer them over a truly open campus. …

The fact that the UK student government cannot even conceive of the possibility of ditching free speech zones is not an encouraging sign that UK is moving in the right direction.

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